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  • Edwin Holgate, La Malbaie (Murray Bay), 1926

    Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is pleased to share with fellow art enthusiasts our research into a particularly fine Edwin Holgate painting and accompanying drawing, which we offered for sale. 

  • William I.M. Turner Jr., Distinguished Art Collector

    Carving a long and distinguished career, William I.M. Turner Jr. made important contributions to the spheres of business, community services, education and the arts. He grew up in Toronto, where he earned first a degree in engineering from the University of Toronto and then an MBA from Harvard Business School. A father of four, active stepfather of three and grandfather of 21, he led as full a family life as he did a professional one.

  • Sale: The Estate of a Prominent Canadian Collector

    Beginning November 26, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery will present an extraordinary selection of outstanding paintings by Albert H. Robinson and his contemporaries. The paintings, offered on behalf of the estate of a prominent Canadian art collector were acquired over the course of several decades and are of a superlative quality. This is an exceptional and unique opportunity to purchase from an important collection of the best of Albert H. Robinson paintings as well as other highly collectable works of art by Robinson's peers.

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    February 10, 2014

    Official Opening

    1448 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal

    Our Exhibition & Sale of Important Canadian and International Art will go online March 29 at approximately 12pm with select works on view at the gallery. 

  • July 25 - Important Canadian Art Exhibition & Sale
    Featuring works by James Wilson Morrice, A.Y. Jackson, Philip Surrey, Adrien Hebert and others. On Thursday, July 25, [] will be opening an online exhibition of our latest releases of Important Canadian Art. This special exhibition and sale will be posted on at approximately 12pm, with select works on view at the gallery. Please note that all works are subject to prior sale. Buy from Klinkhoff to ensure: Unsurpassed expertise, quality, value-added service and market-leading experience: We have been operating under the same ownership for over 60 years with unique first-hand and proprietary knowledge. By buying from us at a fixed-price, you are assured of reliability, authenticity and quality in what is an excellent group of works of art vetted by respected experts in the field of Canadian and European painting and offered to you the art collector at competitive market prices. Aligned interests: We invest our own money in the works of art we buy and sell, and...
  • June 29 Important Canadian Art Special Exhibition & Sale

    On Friday, June 29, Galerie Walter Klinkhoff will be opening an online exhibition of our latest releases of Important Canadian Art. This special exhibition and sale will be posted on at approximately 12pm, with select works on view at the gallery. Sellers can maximize value and minimize risks by taking advantage of our proven fixed-price sales. We offer financial guarantees to sellers of outstanding works of art.

  • On Saturday, November 27, 2011 the Toronto Star printed the article "Art auction brings couple $70000 lifeline", which is reproduced in part at the bottom of this page (but not available online). Galerie Walter Klinkhoff submitted the following correction to the editor: "Contrary to your report but according to [the owner] and the auctioneer's website, their most costly work, representing a reported value of $47,500 was not sold during the auction. The facts as they were at the time of your writing is that our gallery had offered the [the owner] that $70,000 lifeline but that the auction process cut it, delivering $22,500, before whatever commission they charged."

  • Canadian Art Market Review Summer 2011
    Summer saw heightened interest in post-war figurative, emphasis on historical validation Not that many years ago for us and likely for many of our colleagues as well, summer was traditionally a season spent planning and then waiting for clients to return in the fall. For a number of years back then, very much in the French tradition, Galerie Walter Klinkhoff closed its doors altogether for a period of a few weeks during the month of August. Now changes in technology such as the internet and proliferation of mobile devices afford us the opportunity to better serve our clients and prospective clients. Twenty-four-seven access to , and our blog where art collectors can find images of select quality works of art, Canadian art market news and valuable expertise, Galerie Walter Klinkhoff on Facebook and Twitter , where we post links to our own material as well as to informative news articles our clients connect with us during their leisure time....
  • We continue to be convinced that in most cases selling outstanding works of art by private treaty sales, that is with a fine art dealer gallery, you can minimize or even eliminate your financial risk. Just reviewing the results of three important auction sales that have taken place within the ten days prior to writing this, my conclusion is that what Canadian art auctioneers indisputably do better than any commercial art gallery I know of in Canada is write press releases.

  • Private Canadian Art Sales Show Strong Market

    Rarely have we seen the quality of buyer enthusiasm voraciously responding to purchase opportunities of trophy-quality paintings as we have seen leading up to summer. We have been aggressively pursuing owners and potential sellers of genuinely outstanding works of art, offering to buy outright for resale or to sell on consignment at what must be market-leading prices. 

  • William Kurelek, "Eskimo Children Playing, Cape Dorset", 1968

    Even the most casual admirer of William Kurelek paintings will have noticed his sensitivity to and understanding of "issues" endured, and maybe even plaguing the various and numerous cultural groups of Canadians he met when he painted in different parts of the country.

  • Having just returned from attending three auction sales held over a period of less than one week when two of the three houses left their catalogue cover paintings unsold and the third, although not the cover picture, the lot anticipated to be the most costly offering, did not meet its reserve, I find a Canadian relevance and wisdom to a couple of quotes I read recently in a New York paper: "Even institutions like the Museum of Modern Art are avoiding auctions.... There’s an element of uncertainty with an auction that in this climate makes it more prudent to sell privately", said Ann Temkin, chief curator in the department of painting and sculpture at MoMA. 

  • Souren Melikian, in The International Herald Tribune of March 20 2009, reported on the 239 art dealer supported Maastricht art fair, one which focuses primarily on Old Master pictures ... ''Business is blooming against all odds in the art market when the rest of the world economy shrinks. As the 22nd European Fine Art Fair, which closes on Sunday, opened its doors to the private viewing on March 12, the rush of hundreds of well-heeled prospective buyers to get in first was as feverish as ever. Transactions were concluded there and then at prices that would not have been higher the previous year. .... Maastricht could have been on another planet where no one had heard of the subprime crisis."

  • BERNARD MENDELMAN THE SUBURBAN Wednesday, September 9, 1998 'This is our tribute to dad', commented Alan Klinkhoff on Homage to Walter Klinkhoff, Part 1. Alan and his brother Eric have selected about 25 exceptional pieces, prior to 1950, that are amongst the cream of Canadian art. They were chosen from deceased artists their father personally knew or made a market in. Most of them are borrowed from collections that Mr. Klinkhoff helped formulate. His motto was always: 'What they buy is their business, what I sell is mine.' A long time resident of Hampstead, Mr. Klinkhoff, who died last year, started selling art in 1949, from a second floor duplex on Van Horne. He then moved to Union Ave. before settling in 1959 at the present location, on Sherbrooke St., where he established himself as one of the country’s foremost dealers. The estates of Clarence Gagnon and Randolph Hewton were both handled by Mr. Klinkhoff. It was right pickings after...
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    September 10, 1994

    Here's to you, Mr. Robinson

    THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL Saturday, September 10, 1994
    Here's to you, Mr. Robinson

    Albert H. Robinson (1881-1956) was the sort of artist who was invited to participate in the Group of Seven’s first collective exhibition in l920. He was even asked to join the Group, an offer that he turned down for philosophical reasons. He preferred to paint Quebec’s farms and villages rather than to trek out into the pre-Cambrian wilderness. Robinson was also the sort of artist who became a founding member of the Canadian Group of Painters – an outgrowth of the Group of Seven. He was one of the youngest associate members ever of the Royal Canadian Academy and he was given a retrospective at the National Gallery in 1955.