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  • Trusted Expertise, Internationally Recognized Experience

    Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is rooted in three generations of collective experience in the buying and selling of fine art. For the reasons of assurance, efficiency, and confidentiality, selling your Canadian or international fine art to or through the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is your most advantageous selling option.


    The Klinkhoff family was instrumental in helping to assemble some of Canada’s most prominent private collections, including the collections of the late Kenneth Thomson, the late Michael Dunn, the late R. Fraser Elliott, the late John MacAuley, among many others. The Klinkhoff family has also served as advisors to several important corporate collectors, including among others, Power Corporation of Canada, Canada Steamship Lines and Imperial Oil. In addition, paintings sold by Galerie Walter Klinkhoff and Alan Klinkhoff Gallery can be found in most major Canadian museums, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Musée national des Beaux-Arts du Québec (Quebec Museum), the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the McMichael Collection, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and others.

    Trusted Expertise, Internationally Recognized Experience
  • Financially Efficient, Fixed Price Guarantee

    Financially Efficient, Fixed Price Guarantee

    Avoid the risks and higher commissions of the auction alternatives

    For both the buyer and seller of high-value artwork the favoured venue is the trustworthy one which is also the most financially efficient. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery offers efficiency, that is value, and the quality one traditionally expects from the Klinkhoff vetted selection of artwork.


    Guaranteed financial results offer certainty, confidentiality and peace of mind in a personalized setting while avoiding the tremendous risks and higher commissions of the inefficient auction alternative.


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    Consultations are complimentary and confidential
  • Step 1: Take Photos

    Step 1: Take Photos

    Take photos of the front and back of the painting(s)
  • Step 2: Measure

    Step 2: Measure

    Note the unframed dimensions
  • Step 3: Additional Details

    Step 3: Additional Details

    Note the title, date and any labels or other information related to the painting
  • Step 4: Email Images & Information

    Step 4: Email Images & Information

    Please send all images and information to

    Once you have compiled the images and relevant information to the work(s) of art you would like to sell or consign, please email them to us at


    We will be pleased to hear your inquiry and we will reply as soon as possible. 

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