Terms & Conditions

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery represents three generations of expertise in the purchase, sale and appraisal of fine art. With a family tradition of more than 70 years, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery provides a warranty that is unsurpassed in the Canadian art market. When offering a work of art for sale, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery warrants that, in its opinion, the work is by the artist represented. Sellers and collectors benefit from Alan Klinkhoff Gallery’s market-leading experience and ability in successfully achieving its objectives with trust and confidence.

In the best interests of clients, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery acquires and sells works of art, and provides information online and in emails and documentation, in good faith and in accordance with the highest reasonable standards in our field of business.  Alan Klinkhoff Gallery does its utmost to ensure that information is accurate but errors and omissions may occur, and some information may remain confidential. Provenance, exhibition histories, literature references, image reproduction listings and other cataloguing details are provided as a courtesy when, using its experience and expertise, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery has reason to believe it may be accurate. Research resources and the confidentiality requirements mean that these details may not be verifiable or guaranteed.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Unless otherwise agreed, prices are in Canadian dollars and payment in full is required in Canadian dollars within 14 calendar days.

The nature of the art market requires that all sales be considered final and paid for in full by the buyer before works of art can be released for pick-up or shipping.  Refunds or returns are not accepted. 

For the protection of clients and investors, all aspects of Alan Klinkhoff Gallery's business are conducted in the strictest of confidence. Unless required by a legally mandated third party, or with the authority of all parties, including Alan Klinkhoff Gallery, information related to our sources or clients, including the identities of sellers and buyers, will not be disclosed.  Selling prices and information related to client assets are confidential. The disclosure of confidential information impacts Alan Klinkhoff Gallery’s business and relationships with clients, and we are obliged to protect it. You may only request information about property that you own, or when you are authorized by the owner to request said information, or regarding property currently available for sale with us. By contacting us about property, you guarantee us that you have the required authority.  

The content on our website and other online platforms like social media is the property of Alan Klinkhoff Gallery unless otherwise indicated, and is subject to copyright.  The use of images and other content from our website is prohibited without our prior written consent. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery’s website and online platforms are not intended for minors. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery may offer items for purchase directly through our website. Some content could include nudity or material that some may consider offensive.  If you are a parent or otherwise responsible for any minors or dependents, it is your responsibility to ensure that they cannot access content you consider inappropriate for them, and that they cannot use your personal or payment information to make purchases from our business. If you find any of the content on our online platforms offensive, or do not agree with our terms and conditions, please do not use our online platforms. 

When you communicate with us electrocially, or visit our website, you agree that we may process and retain some information.  Please see our Privacy and Data Collection Policy.  

Where shipping is required, it is subject to the policies of the shipper. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs while artwork is in transit to, from or between galleries, including any suppliers, or for delays by our suppliers. The buyer is responsible for informing him/herself of all applicable requiements and regulations in his/her jurisdiction that pertain to their purchases, including export and import regulations, tax regimes and their other financial or legal obligations. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is not responsible for providing tax or legal information, or for delays or denials resulting from the shipping of works of art.


Alan Klinkhoff Gallery may use, display, or advertise details or images of works of art we are transacting or have transacted, including works transacted by Walter Klinkhoff Gallery) at our discretion. 


Alan Klinkhoff Gallery takes precautious in its transactions but does not assume responsibility for misrepresentations by third parties who contact us or do business with us.

These terms and conditions are not necessarily comprehensive due to the unique nature of each interaction and work of art.  They are subject to change at our discretion, whether published here or otherwise. If you have any questions regarding our policies or terms and conditions, please inquire with us prior to making a purchase.