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Supreme Riopelle Mosaic a Kaleidoscope of Colour

“One will also recognize an almost instinctive science which, one knows not how, manages to link the thousands of touches of color taken up by the brush from the pot, or squirted from the tube, splashed on the canvas, then smeared by the knife into a flawless tapestry - [...] their precise contours arrange themselves to form an uninterrupted tide [...]” 
— Pierre Schneider, 1957


Jean Paul Riopelle, Landing
Oil on canvas - Huile sur toile
28 3/4 x 93 1/4 in
73 x 237 cm
Jean Paul Riopelle, Landing Oil on canvas - Huile sur toile 28 3/4 x 93 1/4 in 73 x 237 cm


This work is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity, 444-CA-GAK, and is included in the Jean Paul Riopelle catalogue raisonné, complied by Yseult Riopelle, no. 1956.039H.



A Message from Alan Klinkhoff

Landing is the finest Jean Paul Riopelle painting our family has had the pleasure of offering for sale over the soon to be 70 years we have been active in the art business.  Its kaleidoscope of color and geometry of brushwork in this most elegant and rare format result in offering the greatest of visual pleasure.


To what we can attribute the strength and vitality of Landing and other celebrated paintings of the 1955-57 vintage such as Gravité (1956) at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and L’Oiseleur (1955), Terroir (1956) & Avalanche (1957) in the collection of Power Corporation of Canada, we can only speculate.  Riopelle was enjoying a series of important exhibitions with Pierre Matisse Gallery. There was also the excitement of his still discreet relationship with Joan Mitchell.


Today, December 5, 2018, as we write this note, Jean Paul Riopelle’s outstanding painting of 1954, Forestine, sold in Paris for more than $6,600,000.  It is a year to the day that his untitled composition of 1953 brought $7,500,000, also in Paris.


Landing is a splendid painting of great quality and one in outstanding restorative condition by the master, the only Canadian artist of elite standing in art markets internationally.  We encourage your purchase.  

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