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  • Supreme Riopelle Mosaic a Kaleidoscope of Colour

    Landing is the finest Jean Paul Riopelle painting our family has had the pleasure of offering for sale over the soon to be 70 years we have been active in the art business.  Its kaleidoscope of color and geometry of brushwork in this most elegant and rare format result in offering the greatest of visual pleasure.

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    November 9, 2018


    Molly Lamb Bobak, C.M., O.N.B., R.C.A. (1920-2014) Remembrance Day (1), Montreal, 1983

    Alan Klinkhoff reflects on Molly Lamb Bobak's career and her role as a Canadian military artist in the Second World War.  Bobak was the first female Canadian war artist.  During her career in the Canadian Women's Army Corps, Bobak began a journal in which she depicted her military training as well as dynamic scenes of marches and parades — subject matter for which she would later be well known.

  • "Indian Grave Houses," 1926: One of Holgate's Greatest Achievements

    Alan Klinkhoff on the most important Edwin Holgate canvas that one will ever have the opportunity to purchase.  Indian Grave Houses, 1926, is one of only two known major canvases of the Skeena River painted by Holgate after his legendary trip to the area with A.Y. Jackson and Marius Barbeau.  The other canvas has been in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada since 1939, making this an extraordinary opportunity to own this extensively celerated masterpiece, the only known work of its type that is still owned privately.  Alan also reflects on his memories of Edwin Holgate. 

  • Alan Klinkhoff comments on a superb 19th watercolour by James Duncan.

  • Alan Klinkhoff on Cultural Property Export Controls

    “I believe the export controls continue to do much disservice to the interest they were designed to protect." (Walter Klinkhoff, Reminiscences of an Art Dealer, 1994, p. 26). 


    Having been a major and distinguished participant in the art dealing trade in Canada for more than four decades, in 1994 my father Walter Klinkhoff wrote the above about the unintended consequences of Bill C-33, The Cultural Properties Act.


    Tuesday, June 12,  the Federal Court issued its ruling in favour of Heffel Auction House in their appeal against a decision by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB) to bar the export of a Gustave Caillebotte. The Honourable Mr. Justice Manson’s judgement in Heffel Gallery v. the Attorney General, Canada breathes fresh air into what, in our opinion, has always been a disservice to Canadians and has become increasingly so over the decades since Dad penned those astute remarks. 

  • Craig, Alan, Helen and Jonathan Klinkhoff

    Reflecting on this past year at Alan Klinkhoff Gallery and, there are, for us, obvious highlights. One was the outstanding collection of Lawren Harris paintings we successfully offered for sale on behalf of an important private collector. We cannot over emphasise our gratitude to the owners of this extraordinary Harris collection, the family which allowed us to present for sale such fine examples of Canadian art. We were proud to show them in our Montreal and Toronto galleries as well as on, a platform in which we have invested heavily in both financial and human resources to offer a stimulating and informative visit.

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    September 5, 2017

    Welcome to a new

    Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is proud to introduce a new version of our industry-leading website This state of the art web platform was developed to provide our growing online audience with a more convenient buying experience while also allowing us to better share our family's 70-year tradition of expertise in Canadian art.

  • Beware Vendors of Art Without Expertise

    Beware of vendors who offer works of art without the current expertise and use only old labels of reputable galleries to support authenticity. NB. It appears that there is a fellow working primarily but not exclusively in the Toronto area who is affixing labels purportedly of reputable art galleries to endorse the authorship of paintings, sometimes unsigned or recently purchased, as “attributions” or in the “style of,” in minor auction sales. The labels may not be real. Some may have been real but are clearly “doctored,” with new typing to replace erased earlier typing. The problems of buying with only old labels as “proof” of authenticity are threefold.

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    March 21, 2017

    The Most Valuable Canadian Art Sale in History: Lawren Harris & Canadian Masters:

    Sale features paintings valued at over $40 million
    Alan Klinkhoff with Beaver Swamp by Lawren Harris

    Lawren Harris & Canadian Masters: Historic Sale Celebrating Canada’s 150 Years features 15 paintings by iconic artist Lawren Harris with a total value of over CAD$ 40 million. Fourteen of the Harrises, which have been in a single private collection for over 40 years, represent the most valuable single consignment in the Canadian art market.

  • Historic Sale Features Lawren Harris’ First Major Canvas of Downtown Toronto Housing

    Lawren Harris' iconic painting, A Row of Houses, Wellington Street, 1910, is among the works featured in our April 1 sale, Lawren Harris & Canadian Masters: Historic Sale Celebrating Canada's 150 YearsIn new research for Alan Klinkhoff Gallery to be published soon, Dr. Adamson describes A Row of Houses, Wellington Street as "the artist’s earliest public expression of his commitment to the look and feel of Canada in his art." He notes on the back of a retained section of the original stretcher is the inscription, Street Painting I.

  • From the archives: Walter Klinkhoff Paid a Mere $75,000 for Harris Art



    Walter Klinkhoff thinks he got a great deal. At two art auctions in the past eights days, one in Toronto and one in Montreal, the Montreal art dealer picked up two Lawren Harris oil paintings for a mere $75,000.

  • This is straight talk about commissions. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a commission as “a fee paid to an agent or employee for transacting a piece of business or performing a service; especially: a percentage of the money received from a total paid to the agent responsible for the business”.

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    January 20, 2017

    2017 Program

    2017 Program

    We are accepting inquiries regarding purchases and consignments. Contact us for details.

  • LAWREN HARRIS & CANADIAN MASTERS - Historic Sale Celebrating Canada's 150 Years

    From April 1, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery will present a historic sale of rare and important paintings by Lawren S. Harris and Canadian masters, including Albert H. Robinson, J.E.H. MacDonald, Clarence Gagnon, A.Y. Jackson & others.  
    Works are subject to prior sale.

  • William I.M. Turner Jr., Distinguished Art Collector

    Carving a long and distinguished career, William I.M. Turner Jr. made important contributions to the spheres of business, community services, education and the arts. He grew up in Toronto, where he earned first a degree in engineering from the University of Toronto and then an MBA from Harvard Business School. A father of four, active stepfather of three and grandfather of 21, he led as full a family life as he did a professional one.

  • Sale: The Estate of a Prominent Canadian Collector

    Beginning November 26, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery will present an extraordinary selection of outstanding paintings by Albert H. Robinson and his contemporaries. The paintings, offered on behalf of the estate of a prominent Canadian art collector were acquired over the course of several decades and are of a superlative quality. This is an exceptional and unique opportunity to purchase from an important collection of the best of Albert H. Robinson paintings as well as other highly collectable works of art by Robinson's peers.

  • FINE ART & HOCKEY: A Point of View

    The sport of hockey has affected innumerable athletes, fans, families and communities around the world.  Inspired by our own histories as fine art dealers and amateur hockey players, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery will host a non-selling exhibition of fine Canadian paintings featuring hockey, a celebration concurrent with the 2016 World Cup of Hockey in Toronto, and the 100th season of the National Hockey League. 

  • Powerful Psychological Paintings by Philip Surrey

    The summer or winter backdrop of Montreal’s plexes and the symmetry of their spiralling exterior staircases, in one of our paintings a lone full figured mini skirted female, walking under night skies appears in the crosshairs of car headlights, a man at the wheel, and the other, two women strolling along Ste Catherine Street, the miniskirted one in the distance highlighted in red by the light cast from a store she is passing, the headlights of a single car seen in the distance,  a lone woman crossing a Westmount street near Surrey’s home on a wet night, illuminated  by  light coming from the store window, a red traffic light glaring overhead of a man walking in the shadow, a figure, almost imperceptible on a St Henri street, each introduces us to an artist who describes vulnerability, loneliness, mystery and sometimes even the triste. 

  • Albert H. Robinson: "The Painter’s Painter"

    Albert Robinson R.C.A. (1881-1956) is one of the foremost artists of the high period of modernist painting in Canada, a period which saw the development of a national school of art inspired by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. A friend of A.Y. Jackson's, Robinson was one of three guests who participated in the first Group of Seven Exhibition in 1920 and he also exhibited with the Beaver Hall Group. 

  • René Richard: Tom Thomson of the North

     The René Richard paintings reproduced here are excellent examples of his work, confirming his stature as an important and genuinely original Canadian artist of his generation. “His style is clean and firm, his brushstrokes harsh and true”, wrote Clarence Gagnon of his protégé. 

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