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2010 Year End Review

Happy Holidays from Galerie Walter Klinkhoff!

The Red Sleigh

The year 2010 has represented a particularly exciting year highlighted both by sales of numerous extraordinary works of art of great quality, and the strides we have made to improve our ability to communicate with our friends and clients, with a view in mind to serving their interests better and to provide other interested parties, be they students, artists and the community at large with an information resource. Obviously, much of this has to be credited to the ongoing development you see at, our blog and opportunities to follow us at other social networking including Facebook and Twitter.


This past autumn for the first time we were able to share our John Fox Retrospective exhibition and the entire catalogue with anyone tuning in on-line. We have enjoyed enormous success at various times throughout the year but sometimes sense intense interest among potential buyers in what we used to think of as off-season meaning January, February, March and then mid June through mid September. Potential sellers take note that during those off-season periods there is little fine supply coming to the marketplace yet there are constantly aggressive collectors of both taste and affluence wanting to add to their collections and with cyberspace they are almost instantly accessible should the right work of art become available.


We are scheduling our next Internet exhibition and sale for February 18. Anyone who has a genuinely fine and important work of art which may be for sale we encourage you to contact us for a confidential consultation. Throughout 2010 we have had countless jewel-like works of art for sale this year including superlative paintings by Leon Bellefleur, Maurice Cullen, Cornelius Krieghoff, Edwin Holgate, Jean McEwen, B.C. Binning, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Suzor-Coté, Kathleen Morris, J.W. Morrice, Clarence Gagnon to name only a selection We are absolutely firm in our position that with if you have an outstanding work of art you are considering selling a “fixed price” private treaty sale is your most financially advantageous , risk free and efficient way to sell. The exception is rare. That is to say if a re-seller, an art dealer like ourselves, is willing to pay you the highest price you should reasonably expect for your precious work of art, take it!


A review of the 2010 Canadian art auction sales both live and online should confirm even to the most objective analyst that on average prices were mediocre at best. Despite the most aggressive, moneyed promotions plus the illustration of a work on a catalogue cover does not even guarantee its sale at all in the minute or two allotted to its offering during the auction. We anticipate that 2011 will prove to be an even greater year. Eric, Jonathan, and I each have independent dialogues with numerous collectors of earlier generations who are entertaining the idea of selling either to Galerie Walter Klinkhoff or with us as agent. We should not be surprised if early in the new year one will find available in the gallery special and fine works of art by, Sam Borenstein, F.S. Coburn, Maurice Cullen, Jean Dallaire, M.A. Fortin, Cornelius Krieghoff, Arthur Lismer, Marian Scott, Jean Paul Lemieux, John Little, John Lyman, James Wilson Morrice, Anne Savage, Suzor-Coté, Tom Thomson, and hopefully an exquisite Lawren Harris.


We encourage active collectors of fine art to introduce themselves to us in order that we may best assist them in developing their art collections. For some recreational reading over the holidays, I encourage you to read this interesting article in The New Yorker with some Canadian art and local content. If you do start to read this, complete its reading because it does take a twist and turn from the spirit in which it begins. Don’t miss the blockbuster Marc-Aurele Fortin exhibition the MNBA du Quebec which opens in February and will then travel to McMichael for the summer of 2011. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and welcome your feedback. From the entire team at Galerie Walter Klinkhoff, once again have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. We look forward to your business in 2011.


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