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  • Lilas Canadien (Lilacs), 1897

    The exquisite Suzor-Coté, Lilas Canadien, painted shortly before Suzor returned to pursue his studies in Paris, demonstrates the aesthetic effect of technique the artist learned from one of his masters in Paris, the important Barbizon painter Henri Harpignies.

  • When Suzor-Coté returned to Arthabaska in June of 1894 after three years of art study in Paris it was clear that he was doing so as an artist truly accomplished in his field. In fact it is noteworthy that he was honoured with the acceptance of work to exhibit at the Salon de la société des artistes français, an important annual juried exhibition. Certainly one of the finest Suzor-Coté paintings of 1894 that we have sold, "Still Life with Lilies", will attest to his level of mastery at the date.

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    July 29, 2009

    Sell Privately and Avoid the Risk of Selling Canadian Art at Auction

    An Overview of the '09 Auction Results
    Sell Privately and Avoid the Risk of Selling Canadian Art at Auction

    I cannot recall an auction season when two salesrooms were unable to sell their catalogue cover picture! Certainly, an overview of the results of four auction sales of Canadian art held in May and June shows rather lackluster prices with some obvious exceptions that, although limited in number, were the subject of press releases distributed by the auction houses. 

  • On Saturday, August 1 Galerie Walter Klinkhoff will be hosting the latest in our series of Important Canadian Art sales. The exhibition will feature excellent paintings by important Canadian artists A.Y. Jackson , Randolph Hewton , Anne Savage , Frederick Hutchison , John Little , René Richard , John Fox , Tom Roberts , and F.S. Coburn . The sale will be conducted in conjunction with a sale fine paintings by one of Canada's foremost late 19th century artists, Marc-Aurèle Suzor-Coté . A rare Suzor-Coté masterpiece, 'Adolescents lisant' (Adolescents reading), 1896 will be available for purchase. We continue to accept important paintings and sculpture to include in this fixed price sale. To any potential sellers of very fine works of art we encourage you to contact us for a free and confidential consultation.
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    March 1, 2009

    Sculpture: Questions of Authenticity and Provenance

    The Curious Case of Multiples in Art

    The application of this concept to unique works of art, paintings for instance, is self-evident and popularly accepted. When applied to works of art done in multiples, that is prints, photographs and sculpture for instance, "authenticity" is more ambiguous. The fundamental issues are quality of supply and quantity of supply.