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About Alan Klinkhoff Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery?

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is a fine art dealing firm with a distinguished family tradition in the art market since 1949. In its third generation in the art business, the Klinkhoffs specialize in the highest quality Canadian classics, works of art from 1840 through to the 21st Century; from Cornelius Krieghoff to William Kurelek & Clarence Gagnon to Charles Gagnon.  

All works of art available in our Montreal and Toronto galleries, and online at, are selected according to the most stringent criteria by Alan, Jonathan & Craig Klinkhoff. By collecting from Alan Klinkhoff Gallery you can buy with the confidence of knowing that works of art have been vetted using three generations of expertise.


2. Who is Alan Klinkhoff? 

Art dealer Alan Klinkhoff is the owner of the Alan Klinkhoff Galleries in Montreal and Toronto and a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada. He began his career at the Walter Klinkhoff Gallery (1976-2013) and took over as president in 1981. He has co-organized many monographic exhibitions featuring the leading figures of Quebec and Canadian art. He has sat on many committees, including the Acquisition Committee for Early Art at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (1996-2009) and juries (Le Club des arts de Montréal, Société Radio-Canada, Association culturelle des femmes de Montréal and the Marion McCain exhibition-competition). He is regularly invited as a lecturer, is considered an expert appraiser by the federal Ministry of Justice and provides expert evaluations for the leading museums of Canada.



3. What is Classic Canadian art?

Classic (noun)
of recognized and enduring value

Classic (adj.)
judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding in its class.

The Alan Klinkhoff Gallery specializes in classic works of art. From William Brymner to Borenstein and onto Borduas and Jack Bush. From Clarence Gagnon to Charles Gagnon. From Morrice to Morris to Molinari. And Krieghoff to Kurelek, William Raphael to Jean Paul Riopelle.


4. Canadian art; a valuable investment? 

Quality Canadian art can be an important financial instrument. It is sometimes an item in which one maintains financial capital other times make a substantial capital gain and at others times its investment virtues only in the enjoyment of the aesthetic value. The important consideration is that of high quality. Whereas market values can fluctuate, quality is quality and maintains that standard throughout financial cycles and those of changes in taste.


5. Where can I learn more about Canadian art? 

There is no shortcut to replace that of looking at art. That includes visiting museums, commercial art galleries like ours and of course, reading books about Canadian art. As a commercial gallery, we have done our best and continue to promote an educational aspect to the experience at We refer to it as our Learn platform. In addition to showcasing articles written by independent experts in the field of Canadian art, as you might expect, it also offers a unique, personal perspective formulated from decades of experience in the Canadian art business and the art business internationally as well.


6. Which artists does the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery represent? 

The gallery offers for sale a vetted selection of fine quality Classic Canadian art (see the above definition). A list of the artists we represent the most may be found here:


7. Do you authenticate works of art?

All the works we offer for sale are authentic. We prefer to avoid offering opinions as to authenticity of works owned elsewhere. 


8. How may I contact an art specialist?

Read our article on how to choose an art gallery 


9. How do I evaluate my artwork/collection? 

If your collection of fine art is of the collectible variety, which we refer to as  “classic’”, that is art which has a secondary market, you are best served to have the works appraised by fine art dealers who are in the business of buying and selling the kind of work you collect. This is where you will efficiently and professionally find the market expertise and experience you require. 


Read more about when to solicit an evaluation from art dealers vs. appraisers here.


You may read more about evaluations by the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery here or inquire about the value of your work or collection by email.


10. How to begin or update my evaluation with the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery today?

  1. Take photos of the front and back of the painting(s)
  2. Note the size, title, date and any other information related to the painting(s)
  3. Email images and information to


11. Do you provide framing services? Restoration services?

For valuable, fine quality works of art, the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery has the ability to meet all fine art related needs including, framing and restoration.  

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