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The First Snowfall by William Kurelek

We are proud to offer for sale this exquisite and important painting by William Kurelek, one of only 20 reproduced in the iconic book, A Prairie Boy's Winter (1973).

On view at our Toronto Gallery.
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2. The First Snowfall

Willam behaved like children all over the world at the first snowfall.

He became giddy with excitmenet and held his mouth open to catch the first big juicy flakes spiraling slowly downward.


Immediately after school, William and Winnie were sent by their mother to fetch the cows. For the past few days the animals had been huddling under the straw pile to keep warm. From now until spring they would remain in the barn, apart from a brief daily visit to the water trough.


This year William's father had managed to lay up plenty of cattle feed for the winter. Two large clover stacks had been built beside the warmer south side of the barn, and a silo hole had been filled with ensilage and covered over. Ensilage is finely chopped green corn that has partly fermented under its own weight. Cows go crazy over their daily ration of it -- one forkful per cow -- just as cats do over catnip. But their main dinner was hay, and some of that was already at the hayloft.

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