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Amazing Men in the Canadian Art World - Article by



Jonathan Klinkhoff

website: twitter: @klinkhoff_com when you look across the country and examine the galleries selling historical canadian art, one will notice an obvious trend. these are family businesses. the knowledge learned in one generation is passed on to the next so that the young talent emerges more specialized than anyone fresh out of university with a degree in art history, nothing compares to learning on the job. the latest example of this is jonathan klinkhoff, a junior partner at galerie walter klinkhoff, the highly respected montreal art gallery that was founded in 1950 by jonathan’s grandfather, walter klinkhoff.


Like previous generations, klinkhoff is professional, charming and genuine (it must run in the genes) and is well respected amongst his peers. he has sold numerous important works of art and completed many appraisals and authentications for private, corporate and institutional collectors. yet klinkhoff is putting a new spin on things by introducing the gallery to social media and expanding their website. this fresh way of thinking allows the gallery to maintain its position as a leader in the canadian art world while at the same time becoming more accessible and relevant to younger collectors.


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