BlogJune 11, 2022

Lower Canada College Graduation Exhibition 2022

An Exploration in the World of Art

From artworks in traditional media, like oil paint, to the hand-made sculpture constructed with wire and wood, this is the wide range of artworks created for the LCC 2022 graduation exhibition. The art students carried out an exploration in different media to create unique collection of their work. It may be an expression of a personal voice, a record of a meaningful moment, or even an illustration of a wonderland that only exists in one’s dream. These young artists produced creative works with an understanding and respect for craftsmanship and design principles. Through this exhibition, graduating students got an opportunity to showcase their talents as well as present their understanding of art. This experience will help the young artists to unlock their full potential in the future and guide them to the path of success.

Congratulations to the class of 2022

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