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Historical Canadian Artists

For over 60 years, Galerie Walter Klinkhoff has specialized in the purchase and sale of fine art by important Canadian artists, including the following selection.  To see a complete index, click here.


Marcel Barbeau

Marcel Barbeau was born in Montreal, February 18, 1925. Between 1942 and 1947, he studied painting and sculpture with Paul-Emile Borduas at the École du Meuble de Montréal, where he was a student in furniture design... [Marcel Barbeau artist page]


Paul Vanier Beaulieu

Paul Beaulieu’s career as a young painter took shape at a time when a dynamic current of revitalization was sweeping Quebec’s cultural scene. The movement ultimately fostered the advent of modernity in art owing to the initiatives of its main proponents: John Lyman, Alfred Pellan and Paul-Émile Borduas…. [P.V. Beaulieu artist page...]


Léon Bellefleur

Léon Bellefleur was born in Montreal on February 8th, 1910. In 1926 he enrolled himself at the Ecole Normale Jacques-Cartier and obtained, three years later, his diploma in pedagogy.... [Léon Bellefleur artist page]


Molly Lamb Bobak

Molly Lamb Bobak was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 25, 1920, daughter of Harold Mortimer Lamb and Alice Mary Price.... [Molly Bobak artist page]


Paul-Émile Borduas

Born in Saint-Hilaire, Paul-Émile Borduas had a profound influence on the development of the arts in Quebec. He first studied with Ozias Leduc, who took him on as an apprentice in some of his projects to decorate churches in Sherbrooke, Halifax and Montreal... [Paul-Émile Borduas artist page]


Sam Borenstein

Sam Borenstein (1908 – 1969) was born in Lithuania. After an early childhood in war-torn Poland, he immigrated to Montreal with his father and one of his sisters in 1921. He spent two years in Ottawa as an apprentice to a furrier, and then returned to Montreal, where he worked as a cutter in a garment factory....[Sam Borenstein artist page]


Franklin Carmichael

Franklin Carmichael (May 4, 1890 - Oct. 24, 1945), a Canadian artist, was born to Scottish parents in Orillia, Ontario. He studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto with William Cruickshank and George Reid, then at the Toronto Technical School with Gustav Hahn.... [Franklin Carmichael artist page...]


Emily Carr

No one, perhaps, embodied a pioneering spirit more than Emily Carr. Her solitary and eccentric existence is the stuff of legends. To reduce her to a symbol would be to do a disservice to a great artist, and a fiercely independent being, whose work transcended time, gender, and national image making.... [Emily Carr artist page]


Alfred J. Casson

Born in Toronto in 1898, Alfred Casson is best known for his depictions of landscapes, forests and farms of southern Ontario.... [A.J. Casson artist page]


Frederick Simpson Coburn

Frederick Simpson Coburn’s paintings of horses hauling logs through snowy woodlands, and bright red sleighs down sunny country roads captured the spirit of an ear. Since the late 1920s his winter scenes have appeared regularly on Christmas cards and calendars because, as one collector remarked, “The title of his canvas is ‘Canada’.”... [F.S. Coburn artis page]


Emily Coonan

Assuredly the most reclusive member of the Beaver Hall Group, Emily lived with her family in Point St. Charles. Emily was the only one of the Group who was not a part of the Montreal Protestant elite. She was a devout Roman Catholic with strong opinions and of Irish heritage.... [Emily Coonan artist page]


Maurice Cullen

Maurice Galbraith Cullen was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland on June 6th, 1866. He was the only child of James Francis Cullen, a metal worker from Torbay, who had met his wife, Sarah Ward, on a visit to Montreal. They married there at St. Patrick’s Church on the 8th of August, 1865.... [Maurice Cullen artist page] Jean Dallaire Jean Philippe Dallaire was born in Hull, Quebec, in 1916. He studied art at Hull Technical School from 1932 to 1934, and in 1935 he studied drawing and painting at the Central Technical School in Toronto. ... [Jean Dallaire artist page]


Marcelle Ferron

Marcelle Ferron was born in Louiseville, Quebec, in 1924 and died in Montreal in 2001. One of the most important twentieth century Quebec artists, she was known as a famous painter, sculptor and glass maker…. [Marcelle Ferron artist page]


Marc-Aurèle Fortin

Marc-Aurèle Fortin was amongst the first Canadian artists I visited regularly. He was living with his wife at the time, the mid fifties, in a house on St. Urbain Street near Laurier and he lived in a truly bohemian style. Nothing seemed to have ever been dusted and it was impossible to find a place to sit down.... [M.A. Fortin artist page]


Clarence Gagnon

Painter, engraver, and illustrator, Clarence Gagnon was born in Montreal November 8, 1881. From 1897 to 1900, he studied drawing and painting under William Brymner at the Art Association of Montreal. [Clarence Gagnon artist page]


Lawren Harris

Lawren Stewart Harris was born October 23, 1885 in Brantford, Ontario. He was a key figure in the creation of the Group of Seven, also a founding member and first president of the Canadian Group of Painters. ... [Lawren Harris artist page]


Prudence Heward

Prudence Heward and her contemporaries began to paint when the international world of art was in ferment. In the nineteen twenties it was possible to observe and absorb a great variety in artistic style. Young Canadian artists were eagerly analyzing the work of the moderns and struggling to free themselves from academic rigidity. ... [Prudence Heward artist page]


Randolph Hewton

Randolph Stanley Hewton was born at Megantic, Quebec in 1888. At an early age his parents moved to Lachine near Montreal. His father became rector of St. Paul's Church, to help his finances he also conducted a private school. ... [Randolph Hewton artist page]


Edwin Holgate

Edwin Holgate was a rather shy and private person. His father had been an engineer, building railways, principally in Cuba. He left Edwin well off financially. Holgate and Jackson had served in the first war and had remained friends. ... [Edwin Holgate artist page]


Frederick W. Hutchison

[F.W. Hutchison artist page]


A.Y. Jackson

AY Jackson ends his memoirs, "A Painter's Country", with his move away from the famous Studio Building that Harris had built for the use of his artist friends in Toronto. He built a comfortable little house on a hill at Manotick, a few miles south of Ottawa, close to where his niece Geneva was living. ... [A.Y. Jackson artist page]


Cornelius Krieghoff

Cornelius Krieghoff was perhaps the finest Canadian artist to describe Quebec life in the mid-nineteenth century. Born in Holland in 1815 and growing up in Bavaria, he sailed for North America in 1837, where he joined the U.S. Army and, apparently, was dispatched to a group fighting the Seminole Wars in Florida. ... [Cornelius Krieghoff artist page]


Jean-Paul Lemieux

Jean-Paul Lemieux was born in Quebec City, Quebec. He is particularly recognized for his paintings of the desolate, seemingly infinite spaces of the landscapes and cites of Quebec. Many of his works are permeated with an intense feeling of mystery. ... [Jean-Paul Lemieux artist page]


Arthur Lismer

Arthur Lismer was a world-renowned authority on children’s art and a great teacher. He also was a superb and very original artist and had been one of the founder members of Canada’s foremost art movement “The Group of Seven”. ... [Arthur Lismer artist page]


John Little

Born in Montreal, Quebec on February 20, 1928, John Little studied for two years at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under Dr. Arthur Lismer and Goodridge Roberts. In 1947, Little moved to New York City to attend the Art Students’ League under Will Barnet and Frank J. Reilley. ... [John Little artist page]


Mabel Lockerby

Mabel Irene Lockerby was born in Montreal on March 13, 1882 – not 1887, as cited by MacDonald and other authorities. The error was due to the artist herself, who dismissed the five unwanted years when composing her curriculum vitae. [Mabel Lockerby artist page]


John Lyman

John Lyman was both a modern Canadian artist of enormous importance and a highly influential figure in the promotion of modernism among the artistic community in Quebec. Born to American parents in Biddeford, Maine in 1886 his father had already become a Canadian and was living in Montreal. He abandoned university after a couple of years at McGill and shortly thereafter chose to study art in Paris as well as in London…. [John Lyman artist page]


J.E.H. MacDonald

James Edward Hervey MacDonald was a founding member of the Group of Seven. He was a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, and was active in the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto. [J.E.H. MacDonald artist page]


Pegi Nicol MacLeod

Pegi Nicol MacLeod was born in Listowel, Ontario in 1904. She studied under Franklin Brownell at the Ottawa Art Association, then at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal, where she met her lifelong friend, Marion Scott…. [Pegi Nicol MacLeod artist page]


Mabel May

Henrietta Mabel May was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1977. She studied with William Brymner at the Art Association of Montreal from 1909-1912. ... [Mabel May artist page]


Jean McEwen

In 1944, Jean McEwen enrolls in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal. He writes poetry, is part of the group of students that gravitates around the French-Canadian poet Francois Hertel,… [Jean McEwen artist page]


David Milne

Milne (1882-1953) was born in rural Ontario, the sixth and youngest child, surrounded by four older brothers and a sister. The Milnes lived a frugal existence from the produce of a small market garden and a home laundry. For all accounts, Milne was drawn to art at a very early age, an interest that was later revived while he was teaching. ... [David Milne artist page]


James Wilson Morrice

James Wilson Morrice was born in Montreal in 1865, the son of a wealthy merchant. From 1882 to 1889, he studied in Toronto to become a lawyer. As a student he began to paint landscapes in the Adirondacks and... [JW Morrice artist page]


Kathleen Morris

Kathleen Moir Morris (1893-1986) is best known as a member of Montreal’s Beaver Hall Group, where she became part of a tightly knit community of women painters who chose art as their career, an audacious move in days when artistic pursuits were primarily a male occupation. ... [Kathleen Morris artist page]


Lilias Torrance Newton

In many ways the story of Lilias Torrance Newton – portrait painter, art teacher, abandoned wife, and mother – reads like a story of the 1990s. But what seems banal today was exceptional sixty years ago when divorce was frowned upon and married women were not expected to work outside the home. ... [Lilias Newton artist page]


Alfred Pellan

Alfred Pellan was born in Quebec City on May 16, 1906. He studied at the École des beaux-arts de Québec (1920-1925). When he was 16 years old, the National Gallery of Canada purchased his painting Corner of Old Quebec. In 1926 he... [Alfred Pellan artist page]


Robert Pilot

In those exciting early years, I may first have met Robert Pilot through his fellow members of the Royal Canadian Academy, from whom I soon began to acquire paintings. Indeed, it is also just possible that the artist may have known of me and of my ambitions through a friend whose brother was married to Mrs. Pilot’s twin sister. Be that as it may, Pilot soon showed me considerable kindness and encouragement. [Robert Pilot artist page]


René Richard

[Rene Richard artist page]


Sarah Robertson

On November 3, 1951, the Sarah Robertson Memorial Exhibition opened at the National Gallery of Canada. As Sarah’s friends admired the paintings, fifty-four oils and one watercolour, they must have rejoiced that the artist had finally received the recognition she deserved. ... [Sarah Robertson artist page]


Albert Robinson

Albert Robinson was born in 1881 in Hamilton, Ontario. Initially self taught, he obtained his first art-related job one summer after high school, Chief Illustrator at the Hamilton Times which payed him $5 a week as. By 1903 Robinson had saved enough to continue his schooling overseas. That year he moved to Paris where he studied at the Académie Julian and subsequently at the École des Beaux-Arts under Gabriel Ferrier. ... [Albert Robinson artist page]


Anne Savage

Savage was born into an upper-middle-class family at the end of the Victorian era. In this social milieu, women were encouraged to practice their talents within the family circle; and yet as McDougall and Braide have shown, Savage had a professional career. What prompted Savage to become a professional artist? What role models did she have? And how did she manage to combine the two careers of artists and teacher? … [Anne Savage artist page]


Ethel Seath

For over sixty years, Ethel Seath (1879-1963) was a familiar figure on the Montreal art scene. Selfless, earnest, and sincere, she was a pioneer among the artistic women of her generation. She implicitly challenged the conventions of Victorian propriety with a soft-spoken but resilient independence. ... [Ethel Seath artist page]


Marc-Aurèle Suzor-Coté

Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté was a successful painter, sculptor and church decorator. Born in Arthabaska, Quebec on April 5, 1869, Suzor-Coté’s success was due to his exceptional talent, his outgoing personality, as well as his favorable circumstances. ... [M.A Suzor-Coté artist page]


Philip Surrey

When Philip Surrey was inducted into the Order of Canada in 1982, the citation read: “Ever since settling in Montreal in 1937, and becoming a founding member of the Contemporary Arts Society, he has been the leading exponent of urban landscape painting in Canada. ... [Philip Surrey artist page]


Tom Thomson

Frederick Horsman Varley Frederick Horsman Varley was born in Sheffield, England in 1881. He studied art at the Sheffield School of Art (1892-1900), then at the Académie royale des beaux-arts in Antwerp, Belgium (1900-1902). Following Arthur Lismer's advice (another Sheffield native), Fred Varley immigrated to Canada in 1912. ... [F.H. Varley artist page]

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