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John Hammond Remembered

By the Family of John Hammond

John Hammond is fondly remembered by his grandson John and granddaughter Barbara as a gifted and articulate man. Although his artwork is known and respected by people worldwide, they were fortunate enough as young kids to briefly know a quiet man after his traveling and painting years.  


There is a deep appreciation for his talent within the family which is why so many pieces of artwork have remained within the family Estate for generations. Many of these beautiful pieces big and small can be found still hanging on the walls of family members which bring a sense of peace and calm. It is a true reflection of the man himself. 


John Hammond’s later years were spent at his home in Sackville, New Brunswick, where you would often find him working in his backyard full of gardens.


By that point in his life he no longer had the desire to travel abroad, instead the work in his gardens brought him peace and a way to connect with family members. 


The family is very proud of what John Hammond accomplished and also feels strongly that other people should be able to appreciate his talent, which is why they are willing to share some of the Estate paintings. 
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