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What Makes for an Appropriate First Acquisition?

Buying the first work of art should not be stressful.


Buying the first work of art should not be stressful.


Our advice on how to begin is simple:if you like it, if it falls within your price range and you are buying from people you have identified as trustworthy and knowledgeable, there is your first purchase.


Buying your first work of art is not like buying your first house. While you may buy a single house in your lifetime, paying for it over 25 or 30 years, collecting art is a hobby, individual purchases one at a time and not necessarily made at large sums of money (we would not be ones to encourage you to borrow money to make your first purchase of a work of art). 


Remember, it is possible to buy authentic, quality works of art at a wide range of  prices. We invite collectors looking to acquire works of art, their first or their fiftieth,  to browse our inventory (here) and welcome their questions. The Klinkhoff family has helped to build some of Canada's most prized public and private collections of Canadian art.


With Alan Klinkhoff active between the two galleries and a third generation of Klinkhoffs, Craig & Jonathan, in our Montreal and Toronto galleries as well as available at it would be our privilege to advise you now and over your collecting career.

For a brief, step-by-step guide on how to begin collecting art as well as the common pieces of advice for collection management best practices, we recommend our Tips for Building a Collection.

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