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Canadians Mourn passing of Fred Ross

Fred and Sheila Ross (Photo by James Wilson, 1994).


FRED ROSS, O.C., O.N.B., LL.D, R.C.A. (1927-2014)

Our family has had the pleasure of representing the art of Fred Ross for more than 40 years. Fred committed more than 55 years to creating an important legacy of painting in personal interpretation of a realist style at times showing influences of Balthus and others Rivera, the latter with whom he shared the scaffold briefly. He and his wife Sheila, a ballet dancer, ballet teacher, I think safe to say Fred’s muse, spent their entire mature careers in St. John pursuing their own art and encouraging the arts in the region. Fred Ross passed away last week at age 87, leaving a son, Christopher, and two daughters, Lorna and Cathy. We join Canadians from coast to coast to mourn his passing. See links below:


Fred Ross biography and images at Fred Ross biography and images at The National Gallery of Canada.
Fred Ross tribute by CBC.

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