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Important Message from Claude A. Simard

Dear clients and friends of Galerie Walter Klinkhoff and artist Claude A. Simard,


Recent news articles have reported that one of the promoters of an art-donation scheme in the municipality of Larouche in the Saguenay region was convicted of tax evasion before the Court of Quebec in Montréal. We would like to remind and/or inform you that this person, named Claude Simard, is of no relation to our artist and friend Claude A. Simard, from Ste. Foy, Quebec.


Thank you for your attention to this distinction. Claude A. Simard has requested that we distribute the following e-mail:


Dear friends,

It's all over the papers again today. A fellow who goes by the same name as me has been condemned for tax evasion in a grand fraudulent scheme he set up in Larouche Quebec. This man lives in New-York and is in no way related to me. Please make sure your friends and clients don't confuse Claude A Simard with Claude Simard. Why didn't my mother call me John Smith or something really original????

Claude A. Simard

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More to the point....why didn't HIS mother call him John Crooked Smith or Not Claude Simard??

Its all in the A., Mr Simard.

Best wishes from Julia Beatty, an admirer or your works.
Julia Beatty
24 April 2012

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