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Galerie Walter Klinkhoff featured in Montreal Centre-Ville Magazine


There is a certain formality in pushing open the door to Galerie Walter Klinkhoff.  Behind the façade of the magnificent building, located at 1200 Sherbrooke Ouest, are works by some of the most remarkable artists in the history of Canadian art.  Galerie Walter Klinkhoff is an institution whose reputation is well established.  It is first and foremost the story of a family.  That of Walter, a grandfather, now deceased, who found his calling while selling paintings sent to him by his Austrian friend after WWII.  He opened his first gallery in 1947 on University Street, before relocating two years later to Sherbrooke Street, where the gallery currently stands.  His sons and grandsons have since carried on the family business and highlighted their passion for Canadian art. 
It's the Klinkhoff family who, for example, supported and "was instrumental in introducing the Beaver Hall Group of women artists to the public".  Today, in the market, there is "a growing interest in their work," says Jonathan Klinkhoff.  According to Walter's grandson, the current market "is generally strong:  There's a great deal of interest in high-quality pieces, a market that weathered the economic crisis."  However, he assures us that by "taking the time to look around, you can find good art investment opportunities, including works by great artists that might have gone unnoticed."
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