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Claude A. Simard - Exhibition & Sale


Vernissage November 5 - from 10 am. until 4 pm.

Artist will be in attendance at the vernissage.

** Exhibition continues through November 19, 2011.


 Claude A. Simard, RCA | Peonies in June | Acrylic on canvas 30 x 36 inches


Over the past three decades, the Klinkhoff family and friends of the gallery have been honored to witness and encourage the evolution of Claude A. Simard as an artist. We have hosted several one man shows by the artist, with each exhibition introducing new imagery and pictorial vocabulary. Allow me to indulge in a brief reflection that, over these thirty years, the Simard and Klinkhoff families have experienced together the personal transition and evolution that a generation cycle brings. The children who played in the sand on Goose Rocks have turned out to be active members of the new Canadian reality, both as business and family persons. They bring us great pride.


Like a limited number of other talented artists, Claude is privileged to have, as a partner, his wife Huguette who supports him by assuming responsibility for all aspects of their lives together beyond the painting process. Her involvement and dedication liberates and allows "Claude A" to focus on his singular objective, that being to challenge himself to paint a better work than the previous successful one. Claude A. Simard is an audacious artist, both in composition and use of materials. He is constantly exploring new opportunities to add to the ongoing Simard narrative about Beauty in art.


The community of owners of Simard paintings from our gallery and other important fine art galleries is spread among art collectors from Montreal, from east to west across Canada and the United States to individuals in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and some as far away as Asia including Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. With great enthusiasm we welcome the Simard Exhibition 2011 and upon its closing will look forward to the revelations and discoveries in the artist's ongoing innovative production.


* All paintings are subject to prior sale.

** At select times only.

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I had the pleasure of visiting your gallery today (Saturday, Oct. 29). I was a part of the group visit organized by Mimi Ramalho. The tour was given by Alan and the tour was interesting and informative. I especially enjoyed some of the paintings by Claude A Simard and would be interested in receiving the catalogue of paintings that will be on exhibition and for sale at the November 5 vernisage. If you would be so kind as to email the catalogue to me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,
Dawna Weippert
29 October 2011
Could you please advise when C. Simard's latest paintings will be available for on-line viewing. Thank you in advance. David
David McCracken
24 October 2011
Dear Sir,

We have purchased some Simard paintings from you before and just received your catalogue regarding the upcoming show. I would like to know if any of the paintings are still available. Could you please let me know their status as well as the price.

D Johnson
20 October 2011

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