"I love color and light and I try to produce images that are pleasing. There is no significance more profound than that" Louise Scott, 1977

Louise Scott was born in New York to two Canadian parents. She grew up in Ottawa and Lockeport, NS. After her mother passed away, Scott pursued her career as an artist full-time. She studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and in Austria at the Salzburg School of Art studied under the renowned Austrian artist, Oskar Kokoschka. After her education was complete, Louise Scott taught at Concordia University.


From The Globe and Mail (Mar. 26, 2007):


""There are demons where she dwells," John Fitzgerald wrote in a 1977 interview with the artist: "Behind every sentence there is always a hint of whiplash, of self depreciation, a dark current below the surface calm…"


Although she was inclined to live her life in shades of grey, her art was anything but dreary. Her paintings are inhabited by a cast of characters who look like they've stepped out of a deck of Tarot cards. Renowned for their hidden messages, her paintings, like her life, were shrouded in secrets."



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