"The animals I paint are a bit like actors whom I place on the stage. I lend a new dimension to reality: my reality." Chantale Jean

This painter's self-taught technique charms one's fancy. The brightness of Chantale Jean's work is a potent reminder of her deep consideration for nature, wildlife especially. Her Charlevoix roots nurture this inner feeling.


She uses the fables of La Fontaine to bring her creatures to hold in high esteem, to gather them together as if around a festive table or at high court.  Mesmerized either by a gaggle of geese or tufted ducks cavorting on a pond, Chantale Jean makes her public aware of the strength and frailty of the many realms of the universe.


Each painting becomes a silent piece of poetry, which appeals to the spectator. Even if the lyrics seem muted, the artist isn't silent when voicing her admiration for and defence of Mother Nature. Through art, she shows her commitment and position: herself against those who would destroy all things for profit.


Through the energy of her work, the combined figuration and abstraction never fail to impress the onlooker and make them experience the feelings that are savored by the artist. The quaint range of her hues enhance the plasticity of her paintings and take the spectator into her personal and unpredictable scenario.


Chantale Jean's sensational creations are made of multicoloured and silly characters. Wild headings build up each presentation and take the public into her own ever-reinvented world.


Born in La Malbaie, Charlevoix, in the province of Québec, Chantale Jean now resides in Ste-Pétronille, Île d'Orléans, near Québec City.



1991 Minister of Cultural Affairs, Québec, "Bourse de soutien à la

pratique artistique".

1989 Minister of Cultural Affairs, Québec, Programme "La Relève".



2002 Diptych chosen, Integration of Art In Architecture Project, La Fenière Theatre in Québec City.

1990 Alphonse Desjardins Medal, Irénée Lemieux Prize (Québec).

1989 Second Prize - Pastel Society of Canada, Montreal.

1987 Third Prize - Pastel Category, Biennale internationale d'Auvergne, France.



2000 Cover page of the Guide de Production Ovine CPAQ-CPVQ-GEAGRI

2000 Serigraph "Facteurs éoliens" - 9" x 26"

1999 Cover page of the Ste-Foy telephone directory

1998 Rear cover page of the television schedule in Le Devoir, October 3rd

1998 Reader's Digest Selection, english edition, May

1997 Cover page, publicity on Charlevoix in the television schedule of Le Soleil, May 16

1994 Cover of Gaétan Morin Éditeur catalogue, Montreal

1991 Cover of the "Panorama 1991" brochure, Baie-St-Paul

1991 Cover page of the Ducks Unlimited of Canada brochure, Édition du Québec

1990 Mr. Béland's Christmas cards, President of the Fédération des Caisses populaires et d'économies Desjardins


Art Galleries

Galerie Clarence Gagnon, Montreal, Baie-St-Paul, Québec

Walter Klinkhoff Gallery (defunct), Montreal, Québec

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery, Montreal, Québec

Galerie Richard Hevey, Ste-Adèle, Québec

Kensington Fine Art, Calgary, Alberta

Fawcett-Langdon Gallery, Burlington, Ontario

Galerie René-Richard, Baie-St-Paul, Québec

Galerie La Corniche, Chicoutimi, Québec

Galerie Diane Lefrançois, Sillery, Québec

Galerie Sarenhes, Québec, Québec



2000 Répertoire des Artistes Canadiens en Galerie. Magazin'Art

1999 Magazin'Art, June

1999 Parkhurst Exchange, Vol. 7, No. 1, January

1998 Répertoire des Artistes Canadiens en Galerie. Magazin'Art

1995 Répertoire des Artistes Canadiens en Galerie. Magazin'Art

1994 Le Soleil, August 31

1993 Magazin'Art, December

1993 Guide Vallée, Third Edition

1991 Journal de Québec, August

1991 Biosphère, Ottawa, March/April

1990 Journal de Québec, December 3

1990 La Gazette des Femmes

1989 Guide Vallée, Second Edition

1988 Investir dans les œuvres d'art, Édition La Palette

1988 Charlevoix en peinture, Édition Jacques de Roussan



Other Events

2004 "Corniche d'or" prize remitted by GIRAM to underline Chantale Jean's efforts in the

dossier of the contaminated land in the city of Levis."

2003-04 Spokesperson and coordinator for the fund-raising exhibition "Entends-tu ce que je

vois?" organized for the Association des Malentendants Québécois.

2000 Honorary President of the Festival DECOUVR'ART, June 9 - 10, Cap-Rouge, Québec.

2000 Guest artist on the television show 'Sur la route des arts, Ile d'Orléans', produced by

Jean-Luc Mongrain.



1193-98 Symposium de Carnaval de Québec, Québec.

1993 Symposium de Baie-Comeau et de Lévis.

1991 Symposium de la Jeune Peinture au Canada, Baie St-Paul.


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