by Alan Klinkhoff Gallery 26 September 2019 - 26 June 2020

Property from an Important British Columbia Collection by Alan Klinkhoff Gallery

Introduction to the Sale of Property from an Important British Columbia Collection


In the spring of 2019,  we were contacted by a collector in British Columbia, a now retired executive who had a career with a large multinational corporation. Over the years she assembled a collection of outstanding quality works of art. Subsequently she authorized us to sell her fine art collection. We are delighted to present herewith the paintings from this Sale of Property from an Important British Columbia Collection, which are available now for your purchase. 

The collection is the result of an astute and intelligent purchasing process, in part reliant on the guidance of expert gallerists within the mainstream, including Galerie Walter Klinkhoff. Now retired, she is selling her collection to support a variety of initiatives, including select charities and a bursary she established at her alma mater, the University of Manitoba.


The result of an astute and intelligent purchasing process


We are honoured to celebrate the continued growth of Alan Klinkhoff Gallery with an exhibition and sale of an excellent and very personal collection of Canadian fine art consigned to us by an executive of a multinational who in retirement lives in Vancouver. The collection and her history combine to make for both a purchase opportunity of fine art of quality along with a primer of a personal experience through art purchasing and selling of a highly educated, intelligent, and successful executive who, like many other successful executives we have served, is capable of making aesthetic and business decisions logically as well as efficiently.


Much is written of the challenges experienced by women in business and, of course, in the visual arts.  In the 1970s era and with a multinational company in a field of technology, and a female, the challenges confronted by our client were every bit what you might imagine.  In her field we think that it is safe to say that she was a pioneer and a game changer for those to follow. Her expectations making her important purchases from reputable galleries is that they will be a financial asset that will be able to be monetized at a future date to fund her philanthropic and familial objectives. 

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