40 watercolours offered on behalf of the estate of the artist 15 - 29 August 2022

Exquisite Watercolours by Henry J. Simpkins 40 watercolours offered on behalf of the estate of the artist

His eye for detail, light, and contrast and the humour with which he approached work and life, are ever-present in his art. It is our family’s privilege to share his legacy, and to see the world through his eyes. Suzanne Ross

Henry Simpkins was an artist of outstanding ability. Our original family art gallery, the Walter Klinkhoff Gallery, represented his work and hosted one man exhibitions. When I began working at the gallery full time I had the pleasure of being the one of us to go and visit him to select work at his home on Pine Beach Blvd in Dorval. Henry was a soft spoken gentleman, kind, humble, a genuine artist of the generation including Jack Bush, William Winter, Philip Surrey, and Lorne Bouchard, artists who were formally schooled in art and honed their vocation in the world of commercial art, while developing a style of their own. 

The quality of his work was recognised in his earliest years in Montreal when his work was accepted from 1930 at the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts exhibition and the Art Association of Montreal the following year. He continued to contribute works annually, with rare exceptions, until 1955. The now legendary art dealer William Watson previously represented Simpkins in a number of exhibitions. 

We emphatically encourage collectors of fine Canadian art to purchase these watercolours recently released by his family.

-Alan Klinkhoff 
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