Exhibition & Sale of Works on Paper and Preliminary Studies by Alan Klinkhoff Gallery

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is proud to host this exhibition and sale of works on paper by various Canadian artists. Among our growing community of collectors are a number of enthusiasts who have a particular interest specifically within this category of fine art collecting. The appeal is that at this stage in the artistic process, in many instances, the artist reveals what our late friend, the important Canadian artist, Claude A Simard, referred to as “the input” in the evolution of the artwork. (The final work, conceivably in oils, Claude called the “output”.)  There is indeed certain excitement to genuinely “feel” the hand of the artist at the genesis of his/her work. With our magnificent Clarence Gagnon pastel we see a mature transition, well beyond the inception of the concept, and just prior to applying paint to canvas. The etchings, aquatints and serigraphs demonstrate an "output", achieved by a lengthy and disciplined creative process.


Collecting works on paper is a niche which allows enthusiasts to acquire fine works of art at relatively modest prices. We encourage your purchases .


For any additional information or to make a purchase, we invite you to contact us by email at info@klinkhoff.ca or by telephone to one of our galleries. 




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