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How to Sell or Consign to Alan Klinkhoff Gallery - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell with Alan Klinkhoff Gallery?

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is a market leader in the purchase and sale of fine art.  By selling through us, you have greater control of the price, timing and take advantage of our low commissions. Read more about why you should sell with Alan Klinkhoff Gallery.


How do I submit artwork information and obtain an estimate from Alan Klinkhoff Gallery?

The first step to selling with Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is to send us photographs of your artwork using our online Selling Estimate Request Form. We will provide Selling Estimates estimates for items we consider appropriate for our gallery. 


Is requesting selling estimates free?



What information do I need to request an estimate?

We require clear colour images of the front and back, a description including medium/material and dimensions, provenance (the history of the item and how it was acquired), and the name of the artist.

How are Alan Klinkhoff Gallery selling estimates determined?

We represent three generations of expertise in the purchase and sale of fine art. We combine our knowledge and experience in the marketplace with publicly available information to assess the value of your item.  Your artwork will be reviewed by Alan, Jonathan, or Craig Klinkhoff.


When can I expect a reply?

We will do our utmost to respond within 1-3 business days. If your request is urgent, please call us at 416.233.0339 or 514-284-9339.

How many works can I submit for a selling estimate?

There is no limit to the number of works you can submit for a selling estimate. 


What if I have a large collection to sell?

If you have a collection to sell, please contact us by email at, or telephone 514-284-9339 or 416-233-0339 for details about how to submit the information.

What if I am not the artwork owner, or I represent a collector or an Estate?

We can only provide selling estimates to artwork owners or their legal representatives. 

How do I ensure that I get the right price for my works of art if I sell?

Your artwork will be reviewed by Alan, Jonathan and Craig Klinkhoff. We are pleased to explain the price comparisons used to arrive at our selling projection.

Are there fees for selling artwork with Alan Klinkhoff Gallery?

Yes. Before purchasing your items or taking your items on consignment, we will contact you to discuss all terms and conditions.  Our commission rates are often 50% lower than alternatives and our private gallery offers transparency to sellers.

Can I bring my artwork to Alan Klinkhoff Gallery in person to obtain a Selling Estimate?

Initially, we encourage you to submit information and images online through our Selling Estimate Request Form, or by email. Once we have determined whether your item(s) is(are) appropriate for our gallery, we will be in touch. We recommend that you contact us to inquire about an appointment before bringing works of art to the gallery.


Can Alan Klinkhoff Gallery provide appraisals for insurance and other purposes?

Yes.  Alan Klinkhoff Gallery can provide Appraisals for insurance and other purposes.  Appraisals by the Klinkhoff family have been described as “The Gold Standard”.  Selling Estimates are provisional and subject to revision upon further examination.  Should you wish for an Appraisal, we encourage you to contact us about obtaining one.

Will Alan Klinkhoff Gallery authenticate my works of art?

Selling Estimates are opinions only and in providing them we make no warranty or representation as to authenticity, attribution, or authorship. 

Does Alan Klinkhoff Gallery offer estimates for restoration of damaged artwork?

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery does not have a restoration service but for works we may wish to sell, we may be able to assist you in obtaining an estimate for restoration.

If I am an artist, may I submit my own artwork for an estimate?

No. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery sells “classic” art in the secondary market.  We do not provide estimates for works by individual artists or their representatives. The secondary market constitutes work by these artists and others for which Alan Klinkhoff Gallery has a market.

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