Modern, Impressionist & 19th Century Art Online

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is pleased to present for your purchase an outstanding selection and variety of fine works of quality. Each is available for your immediate purchase at a fixed price, one which, most importantly, is a fair price. 


We are proud to offer our artwork with unparalleled transparency, the price posted on our site until the work is purchased. We are delighted that an ever increasing number of collectors, buyers and sellers, are expressing confidence in our expertise and the process we offer.  It is our experience that this transparency simplifies the purchase process while cementing confidence and trust among sellers, consignors and buyers. 


This collection includes a number of works of art sold by our original family art gallery, Walter Klinkhoff Gallery, to a couple, preferred clients, more than a half century ago, a group of pictures the gallery sold to a discerning corporate client at around the same time, others last sold by Dominion and Gilles Corbeil galleries also more than 50 years ago. The Tom Thomson may have been last purchased in the 1930s. We also offer a pair of Morrices that in fact have never previously been for sale. We have said to collectors that the opportunity to acquire fine works of art is a generational opportunity. Here is the evidence. The bargain is the opportunity to make their purchase at a fair price. 


Should you wish any additional information we invite your inquiries by telephone to either of the galleries or by email, if you prefer. We direct you to more excellent works of art available in our galleries. Please note that clicking on any of the images unveils more photos and an option of a view of the work in a room in order to show scale. We encourage your purchases. 


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